Senior Executive Coaching

The influencing stakes are higher for senior executives because everything you say and do amplified. Which means when you are influencing in meetings, making a presentation or giving a keynote you must get it right. This means getting your message clear and your delivery confident. This is the senior executive coaching I specialise in.

Specific Senior Executive Coaching programs are available for:

  1. Executive Presence & Impact. Executive presence is a leader’s ability to win the confidence of those around them, to inspire followership. When a leader with executive presence speaks, people listen and feel inspired in knowing their leader’s vision is worth participating in.
  2. Master Presenting & Speechmaking. Senior Executives have a higher standard for presenting and speechmaking. The stakes are higher and the impact larger. So it’s crucial for executives to do three things well: have a well-structured idea, a confident authentic style, and confident manner. Structure, Style and Confidence are the three outcomes of this coaching relationship.
  3. Strategic Storytelling Telling relevant stories, it turns out, is more powerful than giving people the plain facts. And there are three stories leaders must tell well: The first answers – ‘Who am I as a leader?’ This tells the story of your leadership journey. The second is ‘Who are we?’ This is the story of how our culture adds meaning and purpose. The final one is ‘Who are they?’ This is the story of the product, brand or the customer. This coaching includes how to both develop and deliver these strategic stories.
  4. Influencing Internal Stakeholders. Getting anything done in an executive role requires influencing colleagues and stakeholders in a networked organisation. This means understanding the influence paradox of achieving your outcomes as you build key relationships. Coaching includes main stakeholder strategy, key message matrix and 1:1 conversational influence.
  5. Leading Pitches. The CEO is often also the Chief Sales Officer when a big customer pitch is on. You will need to lead the team in maximising the persuasiveness of the pitch, and ensure you are at your most effective in influencing the customer. I can help you prepare the strategy and refine your delivery.

Could you benefit from Positive Psychology Coaching?

My coaching practice includes Positive Psychology Coaching which means I use Positive Psychology tools to help people achieve worthwhile purposeful goals. I work with the whole person because everything in your life is connected.

We will select a worthwhile goal, a big one, and work on getting you into a Flow State to achieve it – where you can access all your resources and feel great by doing well. That goal is beckoning you to achieve it. I have coached for 20 years here, US, UK and Asia so I know how to get the best from coaching, and how not to. I will need to know more about the career and life goals you are considering and discuss with you whether the Positive Psychology approach will work for you. This is better by phone or in person, so contact me if you’d like to talk further.

Some of my clients have simple goals like achieving more presence and others are looking for a major career or life shift. So it’s goal dependent & also dependent on how much you want the change and the change wants you . Ultimately it’s about helping you find the life you are designed to lead, the type of story you are part of – what hero you are & where is she right now? What sort of foes or thoughts are on your journey and how do we find the right resources or mindset to overcome them ? And how great would it feel to take that next step? I’ve seen people totally transform how they look and feel and it’s a joy to be part of that journey with them. And if I’m the right guide for you it will give me great pleasure to see you on the other side of the challenge.

Why be coached by Peter Anthony?

My coaching clients tell me they achieve their goals for three reasons.

  1. Real World application. Coaching works best on real goals in real scenarios, so techniques taught in coaching are applied directly. I ensure new techniques are understood in theory and in practice. And that practice could include achieving more with colleagues, customers, stakeholders or board members.
  2. Evidence-based. I use evidence based rigorous tools to achieve client goals. I hold a Bachelor of Behavioural Economics, Masters in Professional Communication, Masters Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Qualified Professional Hypnotherapist, Coaching Psychology program from Sydney University and am accredited with the International Coaching Federation. I have a huge range of tools to draw from depending on what you require, including Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI), Human Synergistics 360 and NLP.
  3. Experience. I have coached people at senior levels, and those who aspire to senior levels, for twenty years across industries, roles and geographies. I understand how to make the coaching relationship work in challenging executive situations. I have coached in Australia, Asia, Europe, Middle East and North America.

Is Senior Executive coaching for you?