Storytelling for Marketers – Module 2

Storytelling for Marketers Module 2: How to collect stories. 
When I ask clients to use stories more strategically the usual response is; “But I don’t know any stories.” But the fact is you do. Here are some ideas on how you can collect yours.

  1. Ask yourself: “What do I know and how do I know that?” You know ways of working, ways of leading and ways of building a business – ways of doing whatever you do excellently. Ask yourself “So how do you know that?” Think about those moments and use those moments to start crafting a story.
  2. Think about situations from your personal life, even your childhood, when you learned important lessons that you can use to bridge to what’s happening at work. Personal stories often work perfectly because they open you up, and build a real connection with your audience.
  3. When you want to dig a bit deeper you can think about value, purpose and leadership stories. What’s most important to you? What impact do you want to make and how does this storytelling opportunity help you on that impact journey? The impact you have on others is the most stable currency you have.
  4. Think about how your business or even sporting heroes. Mine are heroes like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs. You don’t need to dig much into Google to find stories they tell. You can retell their stories and bridge that back into what your message is. 
  5. Finally, you can ask your team, your colleagues and customers for stories. You may be surprised just how rich this vein of storytelling is.
Module 2 Collecting Stories – Storytelling for Marketers

Once you’ve collected your story, it’s time to craft it. And there are special rules about how to craft a story to make it really work well. We’ll look at Crafting Stories in module 3.