Storytelling for Marketers – Module 3

Strategic Storytelling – How To Craft Stories

Welcome to module three of storytelling for marketers. Giving a story shape is crucial to making it work. Because as you know there are many different ways to tell the same story. You begin with the end in mind asking yourself “what’s the one main thought or one my message I’d like to leave this audience? And then you ask yourself “how are they thinking or feeling about this idea right now? “ And the story is what bridges the gap.

Now we talked on YouTube about the heroes journey and about challenges. Now to add to that what’s happening over the time for your story, whether it’s five minutes or 40 minutes, is the tension must increase, just as the challenges increase just as the stakes increase. And you must leave a question, that you asked at the beginning of the story, stay unanswered until the end.

A typical story structure has between three and five beats when the tension increases and the challenge gets bigger. It’s this tension or challenge that increases emotional engagement. Now the story shape changes depending upon whether this is a leadership story, a purpose story or a value story. Because the audience is different and your objective in telling the story changes.

Your objective could change from engaging stakeholders, attracting investors, or galvanising your team around a common purpose. And the story could be your entire communication or part of an overall picture or presentation. Whatever the purpose of the story it must be crafted to work best at both a rational and emotional level.

Module 3: How to Craft A Story

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