Here are four ways you can use Strategic Storytelling to build commercial value.

  1. Customers Value Story. Customers are looking for a value story from you. When you are pitching to them they are asking –  “How does this approach demonstate a unique undersanding of my needs and my environment?” A value story is the perfect way to lead them from problem to resolution or from opportunity to realisation. If you would like to improve your win rate on pitches to customers you should explore how a value story can articulate the real value of your proposition. 
  2. Investors Purpose Story. Investors are approached regularly and need a reason to choose you. So they are looking for the right commercial proposition with the right relationshop. Your Purpose Story allows you develop the right relationship built on trust – they need to trust that that you and your organisation will deliver on your purpose, and they are committed to supporting that journey. 
  3. Marketers Brand Story. Marketers, as brand custodians, must tell compelling stories about their brands. Great brands have an emotional glue that binds them to their customers or consumers. And this glue is the stuff of a great story. Marketers can learn both how to tell the story of the brand and where the brand is on its journey. 
  4. Leadership Stories. Leaders in particular need to tell great stories. Stories about who they are as leaders and why we should follow their direction. Who the people are as a culture and what makes us great, and how we can address the challenges ahead. 

We have a unique approach to taking your key messages and translating them into a great story well told. If you would like to find out more contact us and we can show you how Strategic Storytelling could work to help you bridge the gap to your key audiences and achieve your business objectives.