Hello im pete anthony

The impact stories have fascinates me, I enjoy applying strategic stories to help my clients achieve their commercial objectives with people. It’s worthwhile because I help my clients to identify, influence and grow valuable relationships with customers, investors or stakeholders. In over thirty years working at the top of organisations, I’ve seen nothing work as effectively as a well crafted strategic story to bridge the gap between communicating a message and gaining real commitment and solid commercial outcomes. I have developed a proprietary model for building four types of strategic stories: Value Story, Meaning Story, Customer Story and Leader Story. 

My expertise comes from:

  • Running Influencing and Strategic Storytelling workshops for thousands of people in 12 countries over 15 years
  • Coaching in all industries ranging from banking to IT and from FMCG to engineering
  • I have a master’s degree in Professional Communication together with bachelor’s degrees in Law and in Economics
  • I have run Executive Education at a major University
  • I understand advertising communication having spent ten years at Ogilvy and at Y&R 
  • I am a published author of Influence People
  • I care about delivering a result for you