Executive coaching


Choosing an executive coach is a difficult decision, and it’s important to think about what needs we are addressing to assist you in achieving your goals. My specialty is helping you influence the people you must impact to move the business forward. Specifically I can help you in three areas.

Executive Presence & Impact

Executive presence is a leader’s ability to win the confidence of those around them, to inspire followership. When a leader with executive presence speaks, people listen and feel inspired in knowing their leader’s vision is worth participating in.


Influence Coaching

The influencing stakes are higher for senior executives because everything you say and do amplified. Which means when you are influencing in meetings, making a presentation, or giving a keynote you must get it right. This means getting your message clear and your delivery confident.


Senior executives must pitch ideas internally and externally – to lead the charge for change with colleagues, stakeholders and customers. I can assist you in designing and developing a compelling pitch with impact.