The Collaborative Conversations Workshop

Collabradabra: the magic of collaborative conversations

Why collaborate in conversations?

Societies, companies and teams all benefit from collaboration so why not conversations? If you chose to collaborate in conversations both you and the other person benefit in four ways.

Four reasons to collaborate in your conversations:

1. You will build better relationships faster
2. You will “sell” your message without selling
3. You will save time because things happen quicker
4. You will feel more authentic

Learn two awesome things

We developed Virtual and Face to Face workshops so you can learn two awesome things about collaborating in conversations: the Three Intentions and the Six Moments that Matter.

Three Intentions

There are three intentions you will learn more about when you decide to get the benefits of a collaborative conversation. The three intentions come down to three decisions:

1. Trusting your authentic self

2.  Using optimism to influence others

3.  Being deliberate about your collaborative intention

Six Moments that matter

You must know six moments that matter in every conversation so you can maximise your results. The six moments are:

1. Setting a collaborative goal

2. Relating genuinely with the other person

3.  Taking the lead

4. Understanding how they make decisions 

5. Making recommendations 

6. Agreeing


 Virtual Collaborative Conversation Workshops

If you are working remotely or you prefer virtual learning you can join a group in a virtual workshop. The progam runs over six weeks with three Online Learning Platform modules and three Virtual Classrooms.

Part 1 (Online 1). The Collaboration Imperative. Program overview. Assignment 1.

Part 2. (Virtual Classroom 1). The 3 Intentions. Six Moments that Matter. Setting goals & building relationships. Coaching buddies assigned.

Part 3. (Online 2). Coaching Buddies exercise 1 : challenging conversations

Part 4 (Virtual Classroom 2).  Coaching buddies debrief. Taking the lead. Understanding people.

Part 5 (Online 3). Coaching buddies exercise 2: Understanding people.

Part 6 (Virtual Classroom 3). Bringing it all together. How to stay collaborating. Recommending & Agreeing.

The logistics for your Virtual Workshop are:

• Duration: 6 consecutive weeks
• Participants: 8-12
• Fee: $450 per participant



Face to face Collaborative Conversations Workshop

Your in person workshop is for a group of 8-10 people and the learning takes place over one full day. You will learn the collaborative conversations approach and how to apply it to your conversations. The six modules are:

1. Why Collaborate?

2. The three intentions of a colllaborative influencer

3. Six moments that matter in every collaborative conversation

4. Application to your challenging conversations

5. Video debrief of your conversations.

6. How to keep collaborating


The logistics for your Face-to-Face Workshop are:

• Duration: 1 day
• 8 – 10 participants
• Fee: $7,500 per workshop (includes program tailoring, all program materials, and post program debrief)