How can I help you?

I can help you get better results in two ways.  The first is coaching to maximize your personal well-being and effectiveness. To feel great by doing well – The second is client-centric sales growth. Both growth strategy and skills to execute.  To find out more about my coaching and workshops click here.

How do you collaborate with people in a conversation?

It’s not a matter of being the smartest – there are plenty of smart people who find it challenging to understand a customer’s point of view. Neither is it knowledge – there are lots of people who know everything about a product or service, except how to explain it to you.

How to win presentations & pitches?

Winning a pitch is about getting the right blend of strategic excellence and emotional engagement. Stories are more influential, more memorable and easier to deliver than presentations. Most pitches are delivered from a ‘Pitch Deck’ with too much content and too little relationship.

Collabradabra – the magic of collaborative conversations

There is a magic in a special type of collaborative conversation where both people are better off. And Collabradabra will guide you step by step on your journey to becoming more collaborative, then you can achieve more for yourself and others.

You could be just one conversation away from anything you want. One conversation away from getting an agreement to a huge customer proposal, one conversation away from getting engagement from colleagues you need to progress a strategic project, one conversation away from a key partner committing to achieving a vital outcome with you.

The magic happens when you connect authentically, collaborate, and set out a purpose that inspires you. Then along way you respond to the six moments that matter and, hey, presto, you both make magic.

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    Why collaborate in conversations?

    Societies, companies and teams all get better results when they collaborate so why not conversations? And science proves where you have a long term relationship with someome you are both better off collaborating.

    Four reasons to collaborate in your conversations

    1. People wont feel like they are being sold to
    2. You will build better relationships
    3. You will achieve more of what you want with people
    4. Things will happen faster

    How do I deliver my services to you?

    It all depends on what works best for you, the three favorite ways I work are: 

    1. In person workshops for one or two days for 8 people
    2. Virtual workshops through Zoom, Teams or Meet.
    3. One on one consulting and coaching.

    Before we think about the service delivery contact me so I can determine whether my service is right for you.