Master Presenting & Storytelling Workshops

Learn the fastest way to get your point across

Why use stories in your presentations?

Organizations like Google, Apple, Virgin and BMW deliberately use stories to achieve business objectives because it’s the fastest way to influence people. It’s more important now with virtual presentations where you lose face-to-face interaction, and you’ve got less time to make an impact.

Four reasons to use stories in your presentations

1. Stories make it easier to connect with people
2. Stories get people emotionally engaged with your message
3. Stories are more memorable
4. Stories are more influential than just facts

Your great stories well told

That is why it’s crucial to be a great storyteller and why we developed Virtual and Face to Face workshops so you can get the impact of stories in your presentations. You will learn how to have great stories that are well told.

Great stories well told

Great stories

You will learn how to:

1.  Find great stories that get your point across

2.  Craft stories into your presentation

3.  Make your whole presentation a story that compels people to act.

Well told

You will learn how to:

1.  Find your authentic delivery style that maximises your impact

2. Understand how to take your audience on the journey to where you need them to be

3.  Have the confidence to deliver stories in your unique way.

Virtual Presenting & Storytelling Workshops

You can choose from five 60-minute virtual workshops each tailored to your specific needs.

1. Virtual Presentation Strategy. You will learn how to make your virtual presentations shorter in length and tighter in structure than traditional presentations. Once you learn how to apply presentation structure to your presentation you will know where to include stories to maximise your impact.

2. Finding & Crafting Stories. You may not be including stories in your presentation because you are not sure how to find them. We show you where to find stories from your experience and from sources like podcasts and social media. And how to craft the story to fit your presentation outcome.

3. Virtual Presentation Delivery. You will learn a more dynamic and authentic style in your delivery to overcome the lack of in person contact. Your authentic style is crucial to unlock the full potential of storytelling in your presentation.

4. Virtual Presentation Confidence. Confidence is an issue when the stakes are high, or you are asking for approval of a proposal. You will learn how to stay calm and focused in these challenging virtual environments, and how to tell your story in your unique way.

5. Video Presentation Analysis. You can send us your virtual presentation for critique. You will then receive coaching on your structure, delivery, and confidence using examples from your presentation.


The logistics for your Virtual Workshop are:

• Duration: 60 minutes
• Participants: 10-15
• Fee: $1750 per module Includes tailoring, delivery, and post program reinforcement.

Face to face Master Presenting & Storytelling workshop

Your in person workshop has five main components.

1. Video Presentation Analysis. We will record you delivering a key presentation and we will provide you with an instant critique of your presentation and how to maximise your impact using structure, storytelling, delivery and confidence.

2. Presenting & Storytelling Structure. You will learn the fundamentals of presentation and storytelling structure from Setup to Conclusion, then how to apply it to your business presentations. A key outcome here is why to include stories and where to include them.

3. How to find and craft stories. We know stories work and you will learn what stories to tell, where to find them, and how to craft the story into your presentation. The focus here is on matching and crafting your story to the purpose of your presentation.

4. Authentic Delivery. You are most persuasive when you are most authentic. We help you find your authentic presenting style that maximises engagement and influence.

5. Presentation & Storytelling confidence. We examine presentation anxiety, the three ways it shows up, and proven strategies to address it. You will learn the Relaxation Response technique to help you feel more confident when presenting and telling stories.

The program allows 50% of the time for you to make presentations and practice the new skills. So, you have plenty of time to apply the new skills to your presentation needs.


The logistics for your Face-to-Face Workshop are:

• Duration: 2 days
• 8 – 10 participants
• Fee: $10,000 per workshop (includes program tailoring, all program materials, and post program debrief)

Let’s talk about Storytelling

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