How to lose a pitch to lose a pitch

The best way to lose a pitch is a pitch deck – it’s like rearranging deck chairs as the opportunity sinks. Does this sound familiar? You have pitch coming up for major opportunity – the first things we do is start a pitch deck – pasting slides from different sources with multiple authors, and of course include a video.

Then use old school structure – our understanding of your needs, our solution (which magically meets their needs). Then budget at the end so we don’t scare them with our numbers. The deck starts peaking like a tsunami with multiple authors from across the business. Of course, when we rehearse a few days before pitch day the leaks start spurting. Leaks like way too much content, it’s not fully costed, and the biggest gushing leak of all – it doesn’t make sense and is impossible to explain.

I’m suggesting a mutiny to throw the pitch deck overboard. Start with a pitch story. It’s harder at first, but easier in the end. When you do what’s hard pitching gets easy. Stories are more persuasive, more memorable, easier to tell and adds real commercial value.


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