Collaborate One Conversation At A Time

If disruption has taught us one thing – it’s that those that collaborate best with customers, stakeholders and donors win. So, always be collaborating. How? It starts one conversation at a time.
Our last big disruption was digital when online entrants like Uber, Airbnb and Amazon challenged traditional incumbents like taxis, hotels and retailers. It was coined the ‘collaborative economy’ because in crisis collaborators win.
Now we have a COVID disruptor and it’s not going away. In September 19 McKinsey said of COVID 19 “It is a complex of profound disruptions.”
The quality of your collaborations is the quality of your conversations. We have fewer conversations now, and we need more, not just any conversation, but a collaborative conversation that influences a worthwhile outcome. After master’s in communication and teaching influence to thousands of business people I wrote a book on the magic of collaborative conversations – Collabradabra.
Message me if you’d like a free copy of the first chapter. You could be just one conversation away from getting an agreement from a significant customer.
One conversation away from engaging colleagues on a strategic project. Or one conversation away from a key donor committing to achieving a vital outcome with you.


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