Winning a Relationship Pitch

How do you win a relationship pitch? A Relationship pitch happens when the person your business focuses on is the same person their business is focused on. That’s why the story format works brilliantly. You are building a relationship with them by demonstrating a unique understanding of their customer and how to solve their key problem. I’ve seen this work in banking, consumer goods, engineering and not for profit. The four parts of Relationship Pitch Story are:
1. Hero – the person you both have in common.
2. Hero’s Challenge – and your unique understanding of it
3. Your Bridge – from the undesirable present to the desirable future
4. Future Pace – Your hero in the future
It must be compelling – important enough to act and urgent enough to act now.
The Relationship Pitch Story is one of the five stories you can use to win a pitch. Remember, stories win pitches.


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